Difference between NO and NOT

June 27, 2018


The word no never precedes: a, an, the, any, much, many, enough.


No is used:

  • as an exclamation.

  • as an adjective before singular and plural nouns.


Not is used:

  • as an adverb to make a sentence negative. 

  • to make an adjective or adverb negative.

  • in short replies with a number of verbs.



  • We have no money in the bank now.

  • We do not have any money in the bank now.


  • There are no books in the bookcase.

  • There are no English books in the bookcae.

  • There are not any books in the bookcase.


  • Do you like coffe? No, I don't.

  • Didn't you finish it? No, I didn't.


  • Don't you want this?               Not at all.

  • Won't you be mad at us?        Not in the least.

  • Aren't you going to go?          Not right now.

  • Who took my book?                Not I.


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